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Last weekend I participated with the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s Disease. A handful of STLCOP students and I met up in the lobby in the residence hall at 7:30 A.M. and took the metro link downtown to the Scott Trade Center. The opening ceremony was held inside the Scott trade center and each participant was given a Promise Garden flower. A blue flower represents someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, a purple flower is for someone who has lost a loved one to the disease, a yellow represents someone who is currently supporting or caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, and an orange flower represents everyone who supports the cause and vision of a world without Alzheimer’s Disease. We walked for about two miles down the city streets of St. Louis and later a parade was held. It was a wonderful event and it was amazing to see so many people come out to support this cause.


STLCOP group photo


Opening ceremony in the Scott Trade Center


My Promise Garden Flower

a1The Walk to End Alzheimer’s Disease

Who is halfway done with pharmacy school?!

I am halfway done with pharmacy school!

As STLCOP fourth years, it is mandatory that we celebrate the completion of three years of pharmacy school. I am so proud to have come so far and to see my peers next to me. This year, Halfway was held at a super classy place called Windows on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis. It was a blast and I would do it all again- not the three years of pharmacy school but the celebrating hehe!



Me and some super awesome people

Hi everybody,

Hope your summers were great and that you all are well rested and ready to start the new semester! I am so excited about being a fourth year this year! I am half way done with pharmacy school! 

This year for Professional Orientation, we are required to become certified for administering vaccines. This was a self-study process in which we registered for APhA (American Pharmacist Association) accounts, read through immunization information, and took an online self-examination before orientation. I learned about the different vaccines commonly given at community pharmacies and about the recommended dosages and times they should be given. It was an absolutely LONG process but I am so glad I did it. It gave me a new found excitement for the pharmacy profession. 

At Professional Orientation yesterday, we ACTUALLY GOT TO PRACTICE GIVING VACCINES! We paired up with a partner and took turns practicing giving and receiving injections. Although there are several types of injections, we mainly focused on intramuscular injections (vaccines given through the muscle) and subcutaneous injections (vaccines given through the fatty tissue.)

For an intramuscular vaccine, the goal is to deliver the vaccine to the Deltoid muscle (located on the shoulder) at a 90 degree angle.


For a subcutaneous vaccine, the goal is to deliver the vaccine to the to the subcutaneous (fatty) tissue located on the back of the arm at a 45 degree angle. The trick to this is to somewhat pinch the skin on the back of the patient’s arm and then inject the vaccine.


These were the supplies that we worked with. Don’t worry, we did not use actual vaccines – only saline! 


I am expecting that we will be given many opportunities to give vaccines at different STLCOP events this year. It’s going to be great! By the way, 



And here is my brand new  backpack and lap top from STLCOP:



So while I am still here in St. Louis with no school work, I was looking for something new to do: Renaissance Faire!

Last weekend, my friends and I planned to adventure out to west to Wentzville and attend the Missouri Renaissance Faire and it was so awesome! I remember when I was very little, my aunt took me to one. It’s a shame I don’t remember much of it but I knew I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it this time too:D

We saw knights, kings, gypsies, magicians, craftsmen, dwarves, elves, fire throwers, blacksmiths, and even Jack Sparrow. There was also a jousting championship, belly dancing competition, and really delicious and decent priced food. I recently started watching Game of Thrones and was really excited when I got to sit in the Throne of Swords. If you ever get the chance to go to one, do it!





Photo Credits to Shylee Prasad

Hello, readers!

Hope your summer is going well so far. For the past week, I have been working at and observing what happens in a community pharmacy a.k.a. Walgreen’s! It has been quite interesting so far. For this rotation, I have to complete 10 assignments designed to guide me towards learning what community pharmacy is all about including a patient interview in which I will be counseling a patient on over the counter medications. I honestly am a little nervous about this but I am totally up for it! 

Other than learning from my class assignments, I have learned about the work flow of this community pharmacy. Usually there are two pharmacy technicians and one pharmacist at this pharmacy. The first technician will type up labels and the pharmacist will double check to see that it was typed correctly. After the pharmacist sees that it was typed correctly, the label is printed for the second technician to fill. The second technician fills the prescription and the pharmacist then checks to see that the prescription was filled correctly before putting it aside for the patient to pick up. The first technician is found in the front of the store and also deals with customers at the window or drive through window. The second technician is found in the back of the pharmacy and also deals with phone calls. I have been helping with filling scripts, answering calls and the drive through, and counting medications for inventory. It’s so exciting:)


I am halfway done with pharmacy school

So once again, here I am at the end of another school year. Wow, I cannot believe this and I don’t think it has hit me yet.  Finals were a pain as usual but I am very relieved that they are over. This year, I entered the professional phase of pharmacy school, received my white coat, and learned more about the pharmacy world than I ever thought I would. I attended Missouri Legislative Day at the capitol, I got the chance to follow a sixth year and visit actual clinical sites, and I even compounded my very own drugs! I have learned a lot this year and look forward to learning more and doing better in the future. Have a great summer everyone and have fun! In my next post, I will be talking about my summer rotation site at a community pharmacy!


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