I have to say that one of my favorite classes that I have taken in college is Professional Communications. I am not the best speaker so I am very glad that STLCOP offers this class and I didn’t think I would learn as much as I am learning from this class as I am. I feel like not only am I learning how to behave and respond professionally to situations that I may encounter in the future as a pharmacist, but I am also gaining more self confidence. I am learning to become a better listener and how to become more clear in communicating what I mean not only for my career as a pharmacist but for everyday purposes with people in my life today too. It’s  a class that is very different from the all the other pharmacy classes and allows us to be creative- that is why I like it!

On Monday, I had a group presentation called “In the Shoes”. The purpose of this project was to try to get others to put themselves in the shoes of a patient with a certain condition. Since our topic was chemotherapy, my teammates and I created a story line about a girl going through chemotherapy and told this story through a diary to really get people “in the shoes”.  She goes through a roller coaster of ups and downs as her cancer worsens and becomes better. At times she feels scared, lonely and miserable. At others she feels frustrated, hopeless, and lost. Finally, at one point she accepts her condition and looks forward to the smaller things in life and stops  taking things for granted.

As you may tell from previous posts, I really enjoy putting videos together and here is another.  Hope it gives you the feels!


Hello readers! It’s that time of the year again- advocacy and outreach day at STLCOP!  This year, instead of staying in St. Louis and informing the community about the profession of pharmacy, I decided to go to Jefferson City and learn about the laws that affect pharmacy and to meet some of Missouri’s legislators.  Prior to this day, we had a meeting on what to expect and about how important it is that we as pharmacy students reach out to legislators and tell them about what our profession is and ways to improve healthcare for the state of Missouri.

On Wednesday, I woke up before the sun and hopped on charter buses and road-tripped on a two hour journey out to the capitol of Missouri, Jefferson C1ity.  I’m pretty sure I slept the whole way there. Once we arrived, we went to a nearby hotel and sat in a huge banquet room. I got to meet other pharmacy students from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and many speakers including legislators and pharmacists  spoke about the pharmacy profession and changes they would like to change. I learned a lot about how the law can affect pharmacy and the speeches made me see pharmacy in a different way. There was also a fun “pharmacy selfie contest” for everyone to participate in for a chance to win some money. We were served both breakfast and lunch during the speeches and afterwards we proceeded from the hotel to the capitol. To get there, we took a shortcut through the Harry S. Truman building. As you can see in the video, there were many escalators. When we got to the capitol building, we got a chance to tour the capitol as well as talk to legislators during an ice cream social. The pharmacy students from both schools were also offering health screenings in the capitol and handing out health brochures. It was a very educational and exciting day. This is something I want to do again next year.

photo of all the pharmacy students in front of the capitol


(The original video didn’t work so I had to make some ghetto video recording adjustments by re-recording with my iPod ahah)



Piece of Cake


Hey there readers!
The warm weather has finally kicked in at last! I am so happy about this! The other day I decided to venture out into the Central West End again (I have been avoiding venturing out because it has been too cold to go anywhere) and noticed that THERE ARE CAKES EVERYWHERE!!! What are these? Where do they come from? My friends and I kept seeing these cakes all over town and even on campus! After doing a little research, I found out that these cakes are public arts meant to celebrate St. Louis’s 250th birthday and that there are 250 of them scattered throughout the city! Here are some pictures of some of the cakes that I have seen:)

The STLCOP cake!



The Chess cake!



The Basilica cake!



The Airport cake!



Click here to find out more: http://www.stl250.org/cake.aspx

What cakes have you seen? Comment below:)

As a third year student, I am taking a class called IPPE. For this class, we are assigned to a 6th year student and get a chance to visit their rotation sites throughout the week. I really enjoy this because I feel like I get to see what really goes on outside the classroom and how everything we learn at school is applied in the real world. While I was there, I went on rounds with my senior mentor and a medical team made up of doctors, medical students, and nurses. We visited multiple patients and the doctors talked to them about how they are doing and what to expect. Although I was familiar with some of the things they were discussing, there were still many things that I heard that I did not learn about yet. Overall, it was a very exciting site and I think that there are so many things that you get to see and learn in a hospital that you would never see in the classroom. 


My senior mentor going over a patient’s profile



The VA from the emergency side


Hello readers!

As you may have already heard, the student center will no longer exist on our campus! It has already been shut down and in the process of being torn down from the inside. Perhaps after we return from spring break, it won’t even be there anymore! Join me in my last visit and mini tour of the student center at the “Last Bash before the Blast” party:




It’s going to take a while before we get a new building but I’m excited! Are you?

Food Critic


Hello good readers! 

Guess what I have been doing? Eating out! I usually cook but recently, I have been feeling adventurous. On Valentine’s Day some of my good friends and I went out for Vietnamese food not too far from school. Afterwards, we went out for Ted Drewe’s for FROZEN CUSTARD! It was a very cold evening however Ted Drewe’s was so worth it.




Yesterday, we went out to an all you can eat SUSHI place downtown. I never had all you can eat sushi before and believe me, I ate all I could eat and more.



On Friday, I plan on going to eat at a Peruvian restaurant. It’s going to be great! Platos calientes, here I come :)




Hey guys! So another year has begun and I have completed my first week of classes for this semester. I am pretty excited about my classes even though first week is usually syllabus reviewing lol. I am taking pharmaceutics,  pathophysiology,  professional communication (speech), and IPPE where I will get the chance to shadow a sixth year on their rotations! I feel like this semester is going to be challenging but I am up for it. Hopefully I will have a better idea of what fields of pharmacy I am interested in this semester. Weee… can’t wait :D

This year I want to start out awesome. I went through my closet, desk, drawers, and even under my bed and got ORGANIZED. I couldn’t believe how much extra space I created just by rearranging clothes and shifting around things in my room. I also am trying to stay ahead of schedule and keep on task when I am studying (that means no Youtube and Facebook haha). Well, okay I guess I will watch a video here and there but I really have reduced the amount of time I spend on off task activities. Baby steps is the key!

Well these were some of my new year resolutions. How about you? Let me know! Oh and I came across this quote the other day that made me happy:



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